Join the Club

The life of a scuba diver is filled with fun and adventure, but did you know that your scuba diving experience can get even better? Well, it can if you join our Dive Club!

Joining our Dive Club will add a new dimension to your diving experience. The only thing better than finding something you’re passionate about is having people to share that passion with, and that is precisely the purpose of our Club. Membership is for certified divers only and not DSD or Try Dive participants.

Your Club membership will provide:

A free PADI scuba review of the 7 basic skills. These will be demonstrated by the instructor and repeated by the diver(s) to refresh the importance and essential basic safety skills of Scuba Diving. These range from simple mask skills and buoyancy control, up to and including, a shared air situation. This is also available to any divers that haven’t dived in the last 6 months.

A program of scheduled dive trips throughout the year, of which you can choose as many or as few as you like. Having access to organized trips like these allows you to avoid the stress of planning your own dives, and to easily meet minimum passenger capacities on dive boats.

Transport to dive destinations will be more affordable through ride sharing with other club members.

Our Facebook page exclusively for Club members where we share information, advice and experiences.  It’s a great diving resource with lots of local knowledge shared.

Invitations to casual social evenings where we can relax and talk diving.  It’s a great way to make friends with like minded people.

No Buddy? No problem, our Dive Club will give you access to other people also looking for a dive buddy.

Nervous about diving? Joining our dive club is a good idea for nervous or beginner divers, you’ll get lots of support and advice from our more experienced members.

If you learned to dive while on holiday,  joining our Dive Club is a great way to become involved in your local dive community. You’ll always receive a warm welcome.

Most importantly, our scheduled program of dive trips through our Dive Club membership will encourages you to keep diving, and to add to your dive experiences rather than letting your gills dry out after your initial certification.

We have three levels of Membership


This is the mandatory entry level annual membership for all certified divers, 10€ per annum – includes free kit hire on any of our Club dives. Free membership upon completion for our open water course students.


20€ per annum – includes free kit hire on any of our Club dives AND free torch hire OR computer hire throughout the year.


50€ per year – includes free kit hire on any of our Club dives, free torch AND computer hire on every dive during membership AND  a free years diving insurance.

Ready to Join? Or need more information? Contact Us.