Welcome to Granadilla Diving!

There’s nothing to compare with breathing underwater! The sensation takes a little getting used to at first – it’s not something humans were designed for, after all. In just a few minutes though, you’ll realise how easy Scuba Diving really is, and the fun part is… it’s all fun!

There’s an incredible variety of marine life waiting to be discovered in the waters of Tenerife. At Granadilla Diving we have explored the coastline for many years and are happy to share our expertise, guiding you to the most interesting local dive locations.

We attach importance to creating a relationship of trust with our clients and cater for all levels of diver. We specialise in providing first-timers who are interested in giving the sport a try with a safe, fun, informal introduction to the world of Scuba Diving, as well as in running PADI-recognised diving courses up to Divemaster level. No kit? No problem, we have all the equipment you will need.

Our philosophy consists of providing high-quality diving services in compliance with all safety requirements, with particular attention to the preservation of underwater environment and nature itself. You will have access to various types of diving while diving with Granadilla Diving, such as shipwrecks, reefs, boat and shore diving, etc., where abundance of marine life makes the experience exciting for those seeking an adventure.