Dive Sites

Site Name Max Depth Min Certification Required Type Of Site Entry Type Brief Description Picture
Abades 12m Entry level / DSD Gradual sloping sandy bottom with reef Shore, Beach Beautiful reef along a sandy bottom with many different species of fish. Possible Rays and turtles
Abades Arch 16m Open water Multilevel Rocks down to Sandy bottom Very easy Shore. Stony Beach Rocky bottom gradually descending down To a white sandy bottom. Octopus, and a Huge variety of fish. Possible rays
El Puertito 12m Entry level / DSD Sandy bottom with reefs, Rocks and Anchors Shore. Beach In a beautiful bay with reefs on either side throughout
Las Eras 30m Open water Multilevel reef Shore. Beach Tunnels, statues, lobsters, octopus, Cuttlefish, rays, barracudas. This site is Big enough to do 3 separate dives on
Marazul 30m Open water Stones, Boulders and Columns Shore & boat. Ladder/stride. Arches, tunnels, sinkholes and swim-throughs. Rays, eels, octopods, Lobsters and anemones
Alcala 15m Entry level / DSD Reefs and Sandy bottom Shore. Ladder Huge pinnacle reef in centre to swim round. Rocks and sandy bottom. Rays, sea-snakes, roncadores, turtle
Playa Paraiso 18m Open water Multilevel Rocks down to Sandy bottom Shore. Beach/ Ladder Walls, overhangs, ‘mushroom’ Rocks,boulders and a huge variety of life from rays to electric rays, octopus, eels and cuttlefish
Poris 18m Open water Sandy bottom along a wall Shore. Ladder Turtle, rays, eels, octopus, cuttlefish, whitebait, statues, a beautiful site
San Miguel Marina 12m Entry level / DSD Sandy bottom along a wall Shore. Ladder Angel sharks, rays, seahorses, octopus, cuttlefish, lobsters
El Peñon Tabaiba 40m Advanced Wreck. Sandy bottom Shore. Steps Tug boat wreck and a shrine. Anemones, rays, barracuda, octopus. Huge amount of Life. Penetrable wreck
Las Vistas Beach 12m Entry level / DSD Sandy bottom along a wall Shore. Beach Gradual sloping sandy bottom along a wall with rays, octopus, cuttlefish, lobsters and schools of fish
Yellow Mountain Silencio 18m Open water Sandy bottom with reefs Shore & boat. Ladder/stride. Rocky formations, layers of sandstone and a sandy bottom. Overhangs and swim-throughs. Rays, eels, octopus, Angel sharks, cuttlefish, lobsters.
JC Beach Callao 30m Open water Wreck. Rocky bottom Shore. Stony beach/td> JCB digger wreck. Magnificent walls, Stoney boulder bottom with eels, rays, octopus.
Ali Baba Cave 40m Deep speciality Cave. Sandy bottom Boat A cave dive on a deep site. Complete with Nativity scene
Arches Las Galletas 30m Advanced Boulders Boat Huge columns, plateaus and valleys to follow
El Condesito Palm Mar 40m Open water Wreck. Rocky bottom Boat Wreck at 18m and follow down to 40m with arches and drop offs.
Fish Bay La Caleta 12m Entry level / DSD Sandy bottom with reefs Boat A very easy simple fun site to practice skills or start your Scuba adventure
The Ledge 25m Open water Sandy bottom with caves, overhangs and a plateau Boat Drop over the plateau to the over-hangs, caves, huge anchor. Rays, eels, octopus, cuttlefish
Meridian Wreck 30m Advanced Square profile dive Boat The beautiful wreck sits on the bottom with the mast dropped. Penetrable wreck
La Caleta Drift 20m Open water Drift dive along wall Boat Overhangs, pinnacles, sandy bottom. Rays, Angel sharks, barracuda, lobster, eels
Roncadores 30m Open water Multi-level Boat Swim-throughs, arches, rays, lobsters, spotfin burrfish, angel sharks, roncadores.
Twin Wrecks 25m Advanced Wreck. Sandy bottom Boat 2 wrecks surrounded by life. Seahorses, Octopus, rays, angel sharks, hermit crabs
Palm Mar Wall 25m Open water Multilevel Rocks down to Sandy bottom Boat Sloping wall dropping off huge cliff. Vast amount of rays, turtles, eels, octopus, cuttlefish
Neptuno Cave 30m Advanced Cave, rocky bottom Boat Huge tunnel/cave to swim through, spotfin burrfish, rays, barracuda, eels, octopus, cuttlefish.
Moray Cave Palm Mar 35m Open water Cave sandy bottom Boat Plateau on top of cave for owd. Drop down to sand for cave, statues, rays, eels, octopus for advanced divers